Orientation days, revision courses and student tutors

Upon the beginning of each academic year the university organises various activities and events for new students.

Orientation days

On the first day of the new academic year the university carried out the traditional orientation day, which is, above all, dedicated to first-year studens. The event is a great opportunity to meet other students, close new friendships and get to know one's school, the whole university and its campuses, and the local study environment.

Orientation Day, 2nd October 2023

Free revision courses

Just before each academic year, first-year undergraduate students are invited to attend free revision courses of basic subjects such ad mathematics, chemistry and physics. Joining these courses helps them start the academic year in a more confident way. More information on revision courses: Student Office (studentska.pisarna@ung.si).

Assistance of student tutors

Student tutors can offer you various free assistance and advice concerning the study-related matters, extracurricular activities, becoming familiar with the new study environment etc., which is especially welcome at the beginning of your study period.

More about the tutoring system