What is tutoring?

Tutoring is an organised system of providing guidance and adequate support to students.

Tutoring is:

  • assistance to students with their studies;
  • assistance to new students in adapting to the new living and study environment;
  • assistance to international students upon their arrival in Slovenia;
  • assistance to students with special needs and special status in adapting to and becoming engaged in student life and academic activities;
  • free of charge.

How can a student tutor help?

The main tasks of a student tutor are to:

  • give advice to students on topics related to studies and other issues;
  • help students become familiarised with their rights and duties;
  • help students become familiarised with the procedures and rules of the school, University and of the Student Council at the school, and of other organised forms of students' activity;
  • provide students with all the information needed and encourage them to search for the information themselves;
  • encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities of the school and University;
  • have a positive attitude to the tutoring system;
  • have a positive attitude to other cultures and understands and accepts the customs and values of others;
  • be able to see the problems from the perspective of others, be able to set the limits in communication while performing the role of a tutor;
  • be able to communicate in a foreign language.

If the student faces a situation in which the tutor is unable to offer adequate assistance, the tutor suggests to the student a relevant professional service which can provide answers to the student's questions.

A tutor:

  • does not search for the information instead of the student;
  • does not provide tips on how to cheat at examinations;
  • does not make comments or gossip about professors, the grading system, the teaching method or study obligations;
  • does not write seminar papers and reports or make notes etc. instead of the student;
  • does not provide the student with notes, seminar papers, reports etc.

What can a student expect from the tutor and vice versa?

The tutor and the student are in a mutual relationship:

  • respectful, honest, trustworthy and strive for a quality mutual relationship;
  • accept and take into account each other's opinions;
  • they exchange contacts where they can be reached;
  • are available in the time slots agreed upon in advance and are coming to the meetings in time and well-prepared.