Contemporary trends in cultural heritage protection, planning and management

This course is part of the programme
Doctoral study programme Cultural Heritage Studies

Objectives and competences

• To provide the ability to critically and systematically review and report on relevant bibliography;
• To update students, through open discussion and presentation among peers, with the contemporary research trends
• To train students to critically analyse, understand and use concepts, new information and ideas employed in heritage context in academy and in practice at international level
• To consolidate the holistic approach to the research as introduced during the first year of study
• To equip students with the skills necessary to successfully share and pass knowledge to other peers


Students are expected to develop an advanced draft of the dissertation proposal with fundamental readings list for a feedback and review before the beginning of the course.


Seminars, open discussions in different fields of knowledge involved in heritage protection, planning and management focusing on contemporary research perspectives and trends

Intended learning outcomes

• Student’s capacity to pursue independent bibliographical research within broad and complex range of topics inherent to heritage studies
• Publication and communication potential, learning interactive –scientific discussion
• Successful written and public presentation of dissertation proposal focusing on critical presentation of bibliographical background related to the contemporary research trends


Selected literature may differ each year and will be given accordingly to the selected thematic field.


• Active participation in classroom • Written report

Lecturer's references

Saša Dobričič is founding director of the doctoral programme in Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage, which has been jointly established by the University of Nova Gorica and University IUAV of Venice. She is vice president of the UNISCAPE (European Network of Universities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention) and IAES (International Academy for Environmental Sciences) scientific committee member. Her research interests and contributions are related to the interpretation of urban phenomena in relation to landscape, heritage and environment. She has promoted several international meetings and initiatives within her research field : in 2010, Creative Cities, which historic urban landscape? In 2012, Common Goods: out of property which rights for users? In 2013 The ‘New Urban World’.Future Challenge and Response’ of Urban Systems in Motion, organised in collaboration with JPI Urban Europe