E-learning (Covid-19)

Dear PhD students,

In the forthcoming academic year we might be facing unforeseen circumstances due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are therefore committed to providing a well-orgnised and smoothy running study process.

All the students who, due to emergencies or for other reasons, cannot participate in organised forms of the study process (lectures, seminar sessions) in the lecture rooms can follow the lectures and seminar sessions live in a distant mode through the videoconferencing system, together with the students present in the lecture rooms. The videoconferencing system allows two-way communication, while it also offers the students the opportunity to communicate with their mentors and principal course lecturers regularly, either during office hours or in the form of consultation sessions. All the students also have direct access to the e-learning materials and exercises and can thus successfully prepare themselves to achieve the expected learning outcomes.

In addition, oral forms of knowledge assessment (oral examinations, defences of seminars and doctoral theses) may be carried out in a distant mode through the videoconferencing system.

Distance learning will be carried out with the help of the uniform UNG e-learning tools (virtual lecture rooms on MiTeam and Moodle platforms, and the additional Zoom videoconferencing platform), which allow two-way interactive videocommunication between lecturers and students, and give the students the access to multimedia learning materials in the virtual lecture rooms.

Research work, laboratory tutorials, field work, access to library and other archival sources, and other activities that cannot be performed in a distant mode, will be carried out observing the current epidemiological conditions, by introducing adapted teaching dynamics and regimes, and in line with the valid measures (a lower number of persons present in laboratories, library, archives, teaching over a longer time period or in the periods allowing access to research laboratories, research equipment, library, archives and other locations where the study process should take place) and by implementing adequate health safety measures (distance, protective masks).

All the students will be notified in advance in time about the schedules and courses delivery modes. All the questions related to the study process and the use of e-learning tools and applications should be addressed to either the director or the administrative office of the respective study programme.

For more information about lectures on the Graduate study programmes please contact the director of each programme by E-mail.