Student statement: Antim Atanasoski, student of the BA study programme Cultural History

I chose this school and the programme Cultural History because of my interest in history and my belief that there are more opportunities for career development due to the border area. I found out about this school mainly through Facebook and then got more details from the Student Office of this university. There were no problems at the borders or with my temporary residence permit. I came here for the first time with my father. I had several options for accommodation, but I chose a student dorm where I have a flatmate who I get along with very well. I have no problems with the language because Slovenian and Macedonian are quite similar. I speak in English or in a mixture of Macedonian-Serbian-Slovenian and people can understand me. The school has a very useful course called Slovenian Language for Foreign Students. The professors also help with additional explanations in English or even in Serbian or Croatian. There are a lot of foreign students, so it is a multicultural place. Nova Gorica is a good place because it is small and everything is close by. Italian Gorizia has even more cultural heritage and is a nice place to visit.

Antim Atanasoski, N. Macedonia, student of the Bachelor’s study programme Cultural History, School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica

Academic year 2023/24