Statement of Ivan Stoychev, student of the BA study programme Cultural History

Hello, I am Ivan Stoychev and I study at the School of Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica. To be honest, Slovenia and Nova Gorica were not on my list of study destinations at first. When I started studying here, I was unsure about the language and the new environment, but now I highly recommend the School. The professors and members of the other staff have always helped me and the other new students a lot, and among the professors you always find someone who is happy to listen to your ideas.

I strongly recommend enrolling in this university to all high school graduates who may not have yet decided where to continue their study journey. The university is located in an attractive environment, at the crossroads of three cultures (Slavic, Romanic and Germanic), and Nova Gorica is a place where you can drink your morning coffee in Slovenia, go for an afternoon walk along the border with Italy, and spend your weekends in Italy. The university also offers practical training, international mobility programs, foreign language courses and many other activities. You will learn the Slovene language easily and you will enjoy learning it. Your ideas will actually be understood even before you master the basics of the language and grammar, because the professors speak many languages - English, German, Italian, Hungarian and all South Slavic languages. Another advantage of studying here is the fact that the citizens of the Republic of N. Macedonia are exempted from paying tuition fees for many study programmes.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now, we are looking forward to meeting you at the first class of the new academic year in October!

Ivan Stoychev, S. Macedonia, student of the undergraduate study programme Cultural History, School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica

Academic year 2020/21

Ivan's statement in the Macedonian magazine Maturant