UNG Student athlete testimonial: Kris Stergulc

Football player, goalkeeper coach and graduate of Cultural History

“I’m Kris Stergulc, football player and third-year student of Cultural History (1st level) at the University of Nova Gorica. When I applied to the university I didn’t expect I’d be so successful in combining my football career and my studies! But because of the tailored modes of study and the professors who have been supportive in all respects, I’ve so far managed to pass all my exams. The studies have in no way limited my sports career, they’ve actually helped me achieve better sports results. So I’ll forever be grateful to the University of Nova Gorica and my professors for all the knowledge I’ve gained thorugh them and for my personal development. The University of Nova Gorica rules!”

Kris Stergulc, football player and goalkeeper coach, third-year student of the undergraduate study programme Cultural History (1st level), School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica

Update 2020:

In the 2019/20 academic year, Kris successfully completed his BA studies with the thesis Between Quantity and Quality: Development of Viticulture in Goriška Brda in 20th Century.

He is the A team goalkeeper coach in the Slovak football club AS Trenčín, and he also owns the company Sports coaching Kris Stergulc s. p.

Access to Kris Stergulc’s BA thesis in the Repository of the University of Nova Gorica

Photo on the main UNG page for athletes: Rok Zore


Kris Stergulc, graduate of the school of Humanities
Photo credit: CasarsaGuru Photography


Kris Stergulc, A team goalkeeper coach in the Slovak football club AS Trenčín
Photo credit: AS Trenčín