About the school

The basic framework of the School of Arts are the arts and its uses in the broadest possible sense. We see our place in cooperation with other disciplines as well as in implementing creative practices into other fields and vice versa.

With the foundation of the School of Arts in 2008 University of Nova Gorica has entered into the fields of the arts and creative practices. The joint experiences of both organisations represent in our opinion an important contribution to the current offer of Slovenian higher education in the creative field. In the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica we pursue the following principles which enable:

  • Contemporary, dynamic studies not only in the choice of media, but also in methods, structure and ways of presenting knowledge.
  • In practical part of the studies we will strive towards interdisciplinary and intermedia based work.
  • Innovativeness in the relations towards the student whom we understand as a developing but independent creative personality.
  • Innovativeness in dealing with the arts, science and technologies and their roles in contemporary society; exploring the use and implementation of creative practices in other disciplines (and vice versa).
  • Project based linking in ‘real-life’ examples, which means the student gets valuable experiences in complex projects already during the studies.

The School of Arts of University of Nova Gorica has been founded upon fifteen years of groundwork of Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts (active since 1994) and its two- and three-year long academic type art studies.

More information about the School of Arts: http://au.ung.si.

Dean and the Senate


prof. Boštjan Potokar
+386 5 3315 222


prof. Janez Burger
prof. Rastko Ćirić
prof. Rajko Grlić
prof. Rene Rusjan
doc. Kolja Saksida
doc. Tina Smrekar
prof. Boštjan Potokar (dekan)
Ana Prebil (predstavnica študentov)
Aljaž Lavrič (predstavnik študentov)