Slovenian projects

Infrastrukturni program I0-033: Infrastrukturni program Univerze v Novi Gorici (2015 – 2021)
Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Slovenia

Program P1-0055: Biophysics of polymers, membranes, gels, colloids and cells (2009-2021)
Slovenian Research Agency

International projects

PROSPECT: Patterned coatings based on 2D materials benzoxazine resin hybrids for broad range pressure detection (2020-2023)

MX-OSMOPED: MXene–organic semiconductor blends for high-mobility printed organic electronic devices (2019-2022)

NANO-REGION: open network for innovation and nanotechnology (2019-2022)
Interreg V-A Slovenia-Italy 2014-2020 Priority axis 1 – Promoting innovation capacities for a more competitive area

Study of mixed conductivity of organic semiconductors for biosensing applications (2019-2021)
Bilateral project Slovenia – USA
Slovenian Research Agency