Student statement: Gordan Stefanov, BA student of Cultural History

Hi, I'm Gordan Stefanov from Kočani, N. Macedonia, and I'm currently a student of Cultural History at the School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica. This School is unique and there are no similar schools of this type in Slovenia and beyond.

One of the best things at the School is the approach the professors have towards their students, it's simply too good. The professors will make you easily understand the study matter and what they are explaining, as the study groups are small and there is a much more direct contact with the professors than at larger schools, where you would simply, but very cruelly, be just an index number. The key thing that attracted me to this university was the fact that it is located in a peaceful place and you can enjoy the peace while you study and concentrate on what you are studying. Moreover, the Erasmus+ program is organised on a really high level and you can improve your knowledge thanks to the high existing standards.

If you are interested in gaining new opportunities and if you would like to prosper and have the doors open to you all over the world after completing your studies, this is the right school for you, you will not go wrong.

Gordan Stefanov, undergraduate student of Cultural History, School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica

June 2023