Student statement: Taja Petrič, graduate of the BA programme Slovene Studies

Student of Slovene Studies, 1st level

I am Taja Petrič, a student of Slovene Studies at the School of Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica. When I enrolled, I did not have a clear idea what the study programme would be like and what I would actually study. I just knew I enjoy reading, correcting grammar mistakes and writing interviews. But after finishing my first year of studies I can say that I could not have chosen a better study programme. I like working in small groups, as the professors can really devote their time to each student. In this way we, students, can achieve better academic results and absorb the knowledge better. I also like the fact that the University is highly supportive of students who are fully employed, students with small children, athletes and other specific groups of students who have various extra obligations in their private lives, as all the Schools offer flexible modes of study. The professors always do their best to adjust the schedules, the deadlines for submitting seminars and other papers, as well as examination deadlines. I also like the combination of distance study opportunities and studying in lecture rooms, as I also have a student job and such adjustments of the study process mean a lot to me. I am really glad to have chosen the University of Nova Gorica.

Taja Petrič, student of the first-level study programme Slovene Studies (1st level), School of Humanities

Academic year 2020/21