Testimony of Kazuki Sakuma

Student of Physics and Astrophysics

Hello! I’m Kazuki from Japan.
I am now a first-grade student of Physics and Astrophysics at the School of Science of the University of Nova Gorica. There are several reasons why I chose this university.

I have always been interested in physics and astrophysics and wanted to study them in Slovenia. And I found this university. Also, the university provides many classes in English, which is one of the main reasons why I decided to study at UNG because I am not fluent in Slovenian. Also, the university is fairly cheap for me, who is not European, and it is quite student-friendly.

I think that students from other countries are worried about the new environment.
However, at the University of Nova Gorica, the professors and the university staff are all very kind and willing to deal with each and every student. I know that some people from overseas might be afraid of the language barrier. In my opinion, if there is a linguistic problem at first, it won’t be a big problem, especially because of the very international environment at our university.

Once a person from the university said, “Here at UNG, you are part of a slightly larger family”. That’s exactly what I’ve often felt and I think it is true.
Like our university, the country of Slovenia itself is wonderful. A lot of wonderful nature and people who are so welcoming.

I can’t write everything I’ve experienced, but if you want to study in Slovenia, or if you’re interested in the field of physics, or even a little interested in UNG, I truly recommend you to study at the University of Nova Gorica.

Kazuki Sakuma, Japan, undergraduate study programme Physics and Astrophysics, School of Science, University of Nova Gorica

June 2021

Japanese version:

私は今、Nova Gorica大学(UNG)の物理学と天体物理学部の 1 年生です。この大学を選んだ理由はいくつかあります。


しかし、Nova Gorica 大学の教授や大学のスタッフは皆とても親切で、生徒一人一人に喜んで接してくれます。中には言葉の壁を感じる方もいらっしゃると思います。私の意見では、最初は言語の問題があっても大きな問題にはならないと思います。私たちの大学には多くの国際的な環境があるためです。

以前、ある大学の方が「ここUNGでは、あなたは少し大きな『家族』の一員です」と言っていました。私は本当にそれは真実だと思います。あなたがNova Gorica大学で勉強するならば、それはあなたもこの家族の一員になれるということです。

私が経験したことをすべて書くことはできませんが、スロベニアで勉強したい場合、または物理学の分野に興味がある場合、またはUNGに少しでも興味がある場合は、Nova Gorica大学で勉強することを本当にお勧めします。