Testimony of Manuel Persoglia

BSc in Environment, student of Environment, 2nd level

“I am Manuel Persoglia from Gorizia, a member of the Slovenian minority living in Italy. I have graduated from the School of Environmental Sciences of the University of Nova Gorica and I am continuing with my Master’s studies of Environment at the same School. The main reason why I enrolled into this study programme was my interest in environment and nature in general. Yet as a student of the Simon Gregorčič Scientific Lyceum (part of the Trubar-Gregorčič Lyceum – Secondary School with Slovenian as Language of Instruction) in Gorizia I wished to pursue further studies in the areas of environmental studies, protection of natural ecosystems and green technologies, as I believe these currently burning topics will remain highly relevant issues in the future as well.
The advantages of studying at the School of Environmental Sciences are, in my opinion, the wide and interesting selection of the courses offered, the interdisciplinary nature of studies, group and individual students’ projects, and the high level of expertise of the teaching staff. A significant part of the syllabus is also dedicated to laboratory and field work, where the theoretical knowledge is transferred into practice. Also the continuous assessment in the form of colloquia is a very good idea as we, students, thus study continuously throughout the academic year. Another advantage is working in small groups, which allows us to have a direct contact with our professors. The latter always help us and we can consult them at any time.

In the future I would like to work in a position which would give me the opportunity to stay in touch with nature, I would like to explore sustainable technologies and carry out analysis of the human impact on the environment. I would recommend studying at the School of Environmental Sciences to all those who care about the environment and are interested in nature protection.”

Manuel Persoglia, Italy, BSc graduate of Environment (1st level) and MSc student of Environment (2nd level) School of Environmental Sciences, University of Nova Gorica

academic year 2020/21

Link to the final report of the students’ project “The assessment of the Vipava river in the period 2018/2019 with the comparison of the period 2009-2011”, which also Manuel participated in as part of his Bachelor’s studies of Environment