Forms of distance learning support

The University of Nova Gorica can offer the following forms of distance-learning support:

  • online lectures (live streaming, using videoconferencing systems and platforms such as MiTeam, Zoom etc.) and lectures carried out in a hybrid more (in-situ and combined with live streaming),
  • other forms of e-learning (consultations, interactive activities in virtual classrooms, online or hybrid foreign language courses etc..),
  • additional e-materials (recorded lectures, enhanced MiTeam and Moodle virtual classrooms),
  • online examinations and other online forms of assessment (in certain cases),
  • online presentations and defences of seminars, Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD theses.

The availability of distance learning options depends on the specific characteristics of individual study programmes.

Distance learning support make studies more accessible to candidates who:

  • cannot come to UNG in time at the beginning of the academic year due to plausible reasons (eg. lengthy visa obtaining procedures),
  • wish to combine studies and work, professional careers in sports, arts etc.,
  • are parents of young children who seek flexible forms of study in terms of the location and timing,
  • candidates with special needs who need a considerable amount of adaptations and/or extra equipment to be actively involved in the study process (persons of reduced mobility, hearing impairments, learning disorders etc.).