Students with special needs and a special status

Students with special needs are blind and partially sighted students or students with visual impairments, deaf and hard of hearing students, students with speech and language disorders, students with deficits in individual learning areas, physically challenged students, long-term ill students, students with autism spectrum disorders and students with psychosocial problems.

Students with a special status according to law are students categorized as athletes and coaches, students recognized as artists and cultural figures, other students who participate in (regional) international competitions, and student parents of the child until the start of compulsory schooling.


Student rights

Students with special needs and students with a special status are entitled to more favorable treatment in the selection process in the case of enrollment restrictions and adjustments to the implementation of study programs and additional professional assistance in their studies, whereby they can progress and complete their studies in a longer time than is provided for in the study program, while retaining other student rights and benefits.


Obtaining a special student status

The status of a student with special needs or a special status can be asserted at the University by a written application to the Dean of the School where the student is enrolled.

Applications must be accompanied by documents or certificates proving the existence of deficits, obstacles or disorders and must define which problems it has and propose measures to reduce or elimination of obstacles in the implementation of his study obligations.

Students need to read the rules!