dr. Ahmad Hosseini

58 Dvorec Lanthieri Vipava
05 6205 830
By appointment

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hosseini

Theoretical and Applied Operational Research (OR) | Optimization
Industrial Engineering | Applied Mathematics | Data Analytics

  • Dr. Hosseini is primarily interested in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of Industrial Engineering, Operational Research (OR), Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics, with a focus on theory, design, and implementation. In particular, he is interested in modeling and solving combinatorial & industrial optimization problems in Supply Chains, System Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution, Forest Engineering/Planning, and Transportation. His research is mainly based on mathematical programming techniques, network optimization algorithms, heuristics, and a combination of heuristics/metaheuristics with exact/approximation/stochastic optimization techniques.

  • Seeking to leverage his knowledge in Engineering, Optimization, and Mathematics and international work experiences, he has actively collaborated with various international top-tier scientists in a wide range of disciplines within Data Science, Forestry, Supply Chains, Viticulture & Enology, Computing Science, Operations Management, Biology, and Electrical Engineering. Apart from academia, he has also taken different roles in the business world and acted as an operations manager, logistics manager, data analyst, and supply chain consultant at different companies.