Master`s study programme Engineering and Management

Admission for the academic year 2024/2025

Those concerned are invited to enroll for:

two-year master`s study programme.

Place of study:

Vipava, Lanthieri Mansion, Glavni trg 8

Type and level of qualification:

second cycle: master`s study programme
EQF/Level 7
QF-EHEA/Second cycle

General requirements for enrolment are:

  • a first degree in the fields of technology, engineering and management, natural sciences, economics or organisation, with a total of at least 180 ECTS.

Applicants with a first degree in other fields of study (180 ECTS) should send the application to the School’ study programme committee. Depending on the direction of the previous study, the study commission may determine additional study obligations in the range up to 60 KT. The candidate fulfils the obligations prior to enrolling in the master’s study program.

According to the criteria for transitions, students of second-cycle study programs can transfer to the 2nd year from any field that ensures the acquisition of comparable competencies upon completion of studies from the first study program (at least 47 ECTS). Students apply for a programme and send a request to the School’ study programme committee which determines the missing obligations they must fulfil if they want to graduate in the new program.

Please note that courses are available in English language at part-time study as individual study. Candidates for part-time study whose mother tongue is not English and who have not been previously enrolled in a program conducted in English must provide proof of English language proficiency. The general minimum level of English language skills required is B2 (in accordance with CEFR).

Enrollment places

Enrollment places for 3rd application period/Mode of study Full-time Part-time
Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and citizens of other EU Member States 30 0
Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship 2 0
Citizens of West balkan countries 4 0
Citizens of other countries that are not Member States of the European Union 0 0
2nd year * 0

* The number of enrollment places is limited by the number of places available for 1st year.

In case the number of candidates exceeds the number of available positions, the candidates will be selected based on their GPA from their undergraduate study.

Further information

School of Engineering and Management
T: +386 5 620 5830