Honorary Titles and Recognitions

Honorary Title

Honorary Rector

2022Prof. Dr. Danilo Zavrtanik
1995–1998 President of the School of Environmental Sciences, 1998–2006 President of the Nova Gorica Polytechnic, 2006–2010 President of the University of Nova Gorica, 2010–2022 Rector of the University of Nova Gorica.

Honorary Doctor

2023Ivo Boscarol
The founder of the world-famous company for the design and manufacture of ultralight aircraft and an ardent supporter of research in the field of alternative propulsion systems for aircraft.

2021Haruki Murakami
The world-renowned writer who has captivated different generations of readers with his stories that delicately intertwine love story, mystery and fantasy.

2020Prof. Dr. Heino Falcke
World-leading astrophysicist who took the first ever picture of a black hole

2019Prof. Giacinto Scoles
World-renowned expert in the area of molecular spectroscopy and biomedicine

2018Prof. Rajko Grlić
One of the world most renowned film directors from the territory of former Yugoslavia

2017Prof. Dr. Igor D. Gregorič
World-renowned heart surgeon of Slovenian origin

2015Prof. Dr. Gerald P. Schatten
A world-renowned scientist in the areas of assisted reproductive technology, regenerative medicine and stem cells

2015Mr. Miki Muster
One of the best authors of picture books, comic books and animation movies. Miki Muster is deemed to be the pioneer of comic books in Slovenia.

2014Prof. Dr. Peter Jenni
One of the “founding fathers” of the ATLAS experiment at CERN

2013Prof. Dr. Dirk Hoerder
World renowned migration historian and the 2003 Sharlin Prize of the Social Science History Association laureate

2011Dr. Evgen Bavčar
Photographer, essayist, philosopher and publicist

2010Prof. Dr. Michael Grätzel
One of the ten most cited chemists in the world; the 2010 Millennium Technology Prize laureate

2009Prof. Dr. Satya N. Atluri
Renowned scholar for computational modelling in engineering and sciences

2008Akad. Prof. Dr. Vinko V. Dolenc
World famous Slovene neurosurgeon

2006Dr. Christer Fuglesang
Astronaut – crew member of space shuttle Discovery (mission STS-116)

2004Prof. Romano Prodi
President of the European Commission

2004Mr. Joseph F. Sutter
Chief Designer of the Boeing 747

2002Prof. Dr. Paul J. Crutzen
Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemistry

2000Prof. Dr. James W. Cronin
Nobel Prize Laureate for Physics

Honorary Member

2020 – Dr. Salvatore La Rosa

2019 – Prof. Dr. Lawrence Banks

2018 – Doc. Dr. Julij Nemanič

2017 – Prof. Dr. Paolo Samorí

2016 – Prof. Dr. William E. Eichinger

2015 – Prof. Dr. Urška Vrhovšek, Prof. Dr. Chieu D. Tran

2014 – Dr. Vincenzo Palermo

2013 – Dr. Suzan van Dijk

2012 – Prof. Dr. Dane Bićanić

2011 – Prof. Alfonso Franciosi

2010 – Prof. Dr. Neil McN. Alford

2008 – Dr. Murat Boratav

Professor Emeritus

2023 – Prof. Oskar Kogoj

2020 – Prof. Dr. Miran Veselič

2019 – Prof. Dr. Xavier Greffe

2018 – Prof. Dr. Jukka Jokilehto

2017 – Prof. Dr. Boštjan Žekš

2016 – Prof. Dr. Stanko Strmčnik

2015 – Prof. Dr. Stane Granda

2012 – Prof. Dr. Corrado Sarzanini

2010 – Prof. Antonino Abrami

2009 – Akad. Prof. Dr. Andrej Kranjc

2008 – Prof. Dr. Franc Bizjak

2007 – Prof. Dr. Janez Štupar

2005 – Prof. Dr. Stojan Plesničar, Prof. Dr. Sidney A. Katz


Golden plate of the University of Nova Gorica

2020 – Ivo Boscarol

2017 – Mag. Mitja Jermol

2016 – Prof. Dr. Matjaž Klemenc

2015 – Prof. Dr. Boštjan Žekš

2013 – Ivan Princes, MSc, Prof. Dr. Tanja Dominko

2011 – Members of the First Senate of the School of Environmental Sciences – the predecessor of the University of Nova Gorica. The members of the First Senate were: Prof. Dr. Franc Bizjak, Prof. Dr. Andrej Čokl, Prof. Dr. Ana Gregorčič, Prof. Dr. Franc Gubenšek, Prof. Dr. Nikola Kallay, Prof. Dr. Burton C. Kross, Prof. Dr. Ivan Marušič, Prof. Dr. Peter Stegnar, Prof. Dr. Janez Štupar and Prof. Dr. Boštjan Žekš.

2010 – Prof. Dr. Francisco Ernesto Baralle

2009 – Prof. Dr. Bogdan Glumac

2008 – Prof. Dr. Giorgio Margaritondo

2007 – Boris Peric

2005 – Črtomir Špacapan

Alumnus Primus

Alumnus Optimus