Strategies and Technologies for Reducing Water Pollution

This course is part of the programme
Master’s study programme Environment (second cycle)

Objectives and competences

Advanced specific knowledge in the field of potable ad technological waters, as well as the comprehension of preparation procedures for potable and technological waters as well as for treatment of wastewaters.
Students gain specific knowledge and are able to assess the quality of water, determine the treatment procedure and calculate basic technological parameters for size and operation of water/wastewater treatment equipment.


Basic knowledge of chemistry, biology and physics on the level of 1st-level of Bologna studies in natural or engineering sciences


• The protection and preparation of drinking water: water crises in Europe and abroad; the source of drinking water (underground/surface water); the measures for increasing quantity and improving the quality of raw water
• The preparation of technological water; general parameters of water quality
• Water supply and draining of wastewater (water supply and wastewater from urban and rural settlements)
• Wastewater treatment: the municipal wastewater treatment procedures; mechanical wastewater treatment procedures, chemical wastewater treatment procedures, advanced and combined wastewater treatment procedures; anaerobic and aerobic treatment
• Wastewater sludge management
• Advanced treatment procedures: algae technology, microbiological fuel cells, electrochemical processes, advanced oxidation processes …

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

• Understanding of potable water quality.
• Understanding of technological water quality
• Understanding of different (drinking and technological water preparation procedures
• Adopted knowledge to understand the water quality and to use the appropriate water treatment procedures regarding to prescribed criteria of water quality
• Calculating several wastewater treatment procedures, mass and energy balances


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  • Anaerobic Digestion Processes in Industrial Wastewater Treatment / Sandra M. Stronach, Thomasine Rudd, John N. Lester, Berlin [etc.]: Springer-Verlag, 1986.

  • Selected articles from the journals Bioresorce technology E-version, Water research E-version and others (they serve as a basis for discussing the latest technologies for water treatment).


• Successfully completed written seminar paper and oral presentation (20 %) • Written examination (80 %)

Lecturer's references

Associate Professor of Environmental Protection at the University of Nova Gorica

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