Marine Ecology

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's programme in Environment (first cycle)

Objectives and competences

The main objective of the course is to offer the theorethical and practical background of marine ecologiy to students with emphasis on the biological interactions and nutrient/energy cycles. Students will be acquainted with the basic abiotic factors of the marine environment, the structural characteristics of biological systems and key processes in marine ecosystems. The course deals with the long-term changes in marine ecosystems and the impacts of humans on their structure and function, as well. The course will enable students to develop critical thinking on the anthropogenic impacts on marine processes and biodiversity.


Prerequisite general knowledge of the following courses: physics, chemistry, biology and, above all, ecology. The course links in part also to the courses Meteorology and Oceanography and protection of coastal seas and serves as a basis to study the management of coastal and marine areas.


*Characteristics of the marine environment * Marine organisms and habitats * Structure and dynamics of communities * The functioning of marine ecosystems * Marine biodiversity and global changes

Intended learning outcomes

Students will achieve abilities such as:
• capability of understanding the role of ecological factors on the processes in marine realm,
• capability of recognition of gliobal and climate change and their effects on the living realm,
• capability of recognition of anthropogenic impacts on marine processes and biodversity,
• recognition of littoral stages,
• knowledge on (modern) sampling approaches and techniques.


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Written examination (100 %)

Lecturer's references

Full Professor of Ecology

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