Environmental Impact Assessment

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's programme in Environment (first cycle)

Objectives and competences

To prepare students to work with legislation and project planning pertaining to EIA at national, EU and international levels.


The subject is related and complementary to the base objectives of: The Fundamentals of Environmental Science, Ecology, Environment and Society, Environmental Economics, Nature Protection and Agriculture and the Environment.


• Introduction (basic concepts, aims and history of EIA, procedures, applications and limits of EIA, legislative framework)
• EIA as a mechanism of environment protection (principles and aims of environment protection, role of EIA in administrative procedures, examples of good and bad practices)
• EIA reporting (format and content of the report, presentation of results, validity and applicability of reports)
• EIA and planning (strategic environmental assessment, spatial – protective planning, role of EIA in economic planning)
• Administrative aspects of EIA (legislation, guidelines and administrative procedures, standards, participants in the procedures, auditing, community participation)

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
At the conclusion of the course the students should be able to:
• appreciate the purpose and role of EIA in the decision-making process;
• be aware of the technical and social/political limitations of EIA;
• be aware of the administration and procedures that apply in the student’s jurisdiction;
• be aware of the options for estimating environmental and social impacts;
• know the format of an EIA Report (Environmental Impact Statement, Environmental Statement);
• appreciate the issues that affect the quality of the EIA Report;
• be aware of the purpose of developing follow-up procedures, and the options for designing these procedures.


John Glasson, Riki Therivel, Andrew Chadwick. 2007. Introduction to environmental impact assessment. Routledge, 423 str. Catalogue E-version


Attendance & participation (20 %), group project work (40 %), written examination (40 %)

Lecturer's references

Docent za področje Okolje/Assistant professor in the field of Environment

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