Postdoctoral researcher at the rank of assistant with PhD or assistant professor in the theoretical linguistics or various branches of experimental linguistics (m/f)

Date of publication: 17. 4. 2023
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University of Nova Gorica invites applications for up to four positions of postdoctoral researcher at the rank of assistant with PhD or assistant professor in the theoretical linguistics or various branches of experimental linguistics.
Deadline for applications: 17. 5. 2023

We are looking for candidates interested in pursuing a rewarding research and academic career at the University of Nova Gorica. We offer a dynamic research environment supported by state-of-the-art research equipment and a pronounced international orientation.

The work will be conducted in the Center for Cognitve Science of Language. The successful candidates are expected to contribute to one of the topics currently researched in the Center. Eligible topics comprise the following (listed in random order):

  1. Multifunctionality in morphology, specifically, the nature of (derivational) affixes that can appear in different, seemingly unrelated contexts, and seem to have little meaning of their own. The overall goal of this research is to build a unified model that will explain what type of elements these affixes are, for which we take Slovenian as an ideal source of data to achieve this. For more see here:
  2. Syntax of Slavic languages with an emphasis on the 'free' word order phenomenon, in the context of a project that aims to develop innovative analytical and experimental methods of description and explanation of word order flexibility in South Slavic languages and beyond. For more see here:
  3. Syntactic, morphological, and phonological properties of clitics in Czech and Slovenian, in the context of a project that will design and conduct a series of experiments testing the behavior of clitics in the two languages with the aim of providing robust novel evidence about the nature of clitics from both a general linguistic perspective and the perspective of Slavic linguistics. For more see here:
  4. Effects of multilingualism in building semantic and pragmatic competence; crosslinguistic influence in early and second language acquisition in the domain of pragmatics; acquisition of minority language, intergenerational transmission in a bilingual setting. For more see here and here

The candidates will work as part of a team, joining other members of the Center working on the above topics under the guidance of the lead investigator of the specific topic. They are expected to contribute both in the designing and conducting of the research tasks as well as in the scientific reporting of the research results. In addition to research tasks, the candidates are expected to take on their share of service for the unit or the university, and they may be asked to take over moderate teaching obligations in the university's linguistics programs.

The successful candidates will be employed on a full-time basis for a fixed term of one year, with the possibility for renewal for a second year (1 + 1) pending a positive evaluation of the candidate’s work in their first year and a budgetary approval inside the University. The expected start date is end of June 2023, but an earlier or later start is possible.

If the candidate holds a valid title of assistant professor and they submit evidence of this, or if their academic record shows evidence that they meet the University’s requirements for assistant professor, employment at the rank of assistant professor will be considered.

To be considered for the position, candidates should have:

  • a PhD in linguistics or a related field (e.g., psychology, cognitive science, etc.) (by the time of the start of the contract),
  • a strong background in theoretical linguistics, in theoretically-grounded experimental linguistics, or in psycho- or neurolinguistics,
  • an ability to work independently as well as in a team,
  • a fluent command of spoken and written English,
  • a clear fit, experience- and interest-wise, with one (or more) of the research topics outlined above.

The following will be considered advantages:

  • demonstrated experience with experimental and/or corpus methods used in research on the above topics,
  • demonstrated experience with up-to-date statistical methods of data analysis,
  • fluent command of a Slavic language.

The following documents must be submitted:

  • certificate of education,
  • a CV detailing previous research experience and reflecting the fulfilment of the above stated application requirements and, if applicable, advantages,
  • list of publications,
  • a motivational letter, clearly demonstrating in what way the candidate sees themselves fitting in with and contributing to one (or more) of the research topics outlined above,
  • statement of the date when the candidate expects to be able to start,
  • email contacts of two referees who we may contact for references.

Application deadline is May 17th, 2023.
(If the positions have not been filled, the call will be repeated.)

Please send your application, along with the required supporting materials, to

The application should be sent as a single pdf e-mail attachment.

For additional information regarding the research tasks, please contact prof. Rok Žaucer at .



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