University of Nova Gorica scientists listed in Stanford’s ranking

Date of publication: 9. 11. 2022

Stanford University has published its list of the world’s top scientists according to citation data.

Photo: CasarsaTinta foto studio
Photo: CasarsaTinta foto studio

In terms of the number of citations, Prof. Dr. Matjaž Valant, Vice-Rector for Sustainable Development and Technologies and Head of the Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Nova Gorica, ranked an outstanding 554th out of almost 316,000 assessed scientists in his sub-field of research (Materials).

Other members of the academic staff of the University of Nova Gorica included in the list of the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in their respective fields are also Prof. Dr. Mladen Franko and Prof. Dr. Ario De Marco from the Laboratory for Environmental and Life Science.