Selected publications of professors, mentors and students on doctoral program Materials

Date of publication: 30. 5. 2022
Materials (Third Level)

Sacrificial Cu Layer Mediated the Formation of an Active and Stable Supported Iridium Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalyst
ACS Catalysis, 2021

Propylene Epoxidation using Molecular Oxygen over Copper- and Silver-Based Catalysts: A Review
ACS Catalysis, 2020

Spectroscopic Insights into the Electrochemical Mechanism of Rechargeable Calcium/Sulfur Batteries
Chemistry of Materials, 2020

Spectroelectrochemical Tracking of Nickel Hydroxide Reveals Its Irreversible Redox States upon Operation at High Current Density
ACS Catalysis, 2020

Collective dipole effects in ionic transport under electric fields
Nature Communication, 2020

Effects of a Mixed O/F Ligand in the Tavorite-Type LiVPO4O Structure
Chemistry of Materials, 2020

Synergistic effect of CuO nanocrystals and Cu-oxo-Fe clusters on silica support in promotion of total catalytic oxidation of toluene as a model volatile organic air pollutant
Applied Catalysis B Environmental, 2020

Effects of a Mixed O/F Ligand in the Tavorite-Type LiVPO4O Structure
Chemistry of Materials, 2020

Comparing Magnetism in Isostructural Oxides A0.8La1.2MnO4.1: Anisotropic Spin Glass (A = Ba) versus Long-Range Order (A = Sr)
Chemistry of Materials, 2019

Insights into thermal annealing of highly-active PtCu3/C Oxygen Reduction Reaction electrocatalyst: An in-situ heating transmission Electron microscopy study
Nano Energy, 2019

Atomically Resolved Anisotropic Electrochemical Shaping of Nano-electrocatalyst
Nano Letters, 2019

A Double-Passivation Water-Based Galvanic Displacement Method for Reproducible Gram-Scale Production of High-Performance Platinum-Alloy Electrocatalysts
Angewandte Chemie, 2019

Improved performance of binder-free zeolite Y for low-temperature sorption heat storage
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018

Surface modified titanium dioxide using transition metals: nickel as a winning transition metal for solar light photocatalysis
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018

Self-Suspended Nanomesh Scaffold for Ultrafast Flexible Photodetectors Based on Organic Semiconducting Crystals
Advanced Materials, 2018

Superior Performance of Microporous Aluminophosphate with LTA Topology in Solar-Energy Storage and Heat Reallocation
Advanced Energy Materials, 2017

Confined crystallization of a HKUST-1 metal–organic framework within mesostructured silica with enhanced structural resistance towards water
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017

Oxide Crystal Structure with Square-Pyramidally Coordinated Vanadium for Integrated Electronics Manufactured at Ultralow Processing Temperatures
ACS sustainable chemistry & engeneering, 2017

Fast-Response Photonic Device Based on Organic-Crystal Heterojunctions Assembled into a Vertical-Yet-Open Asymmetric Architecture
Advanced Materials, 2017

TiO2–SiO2 films from organic-free colloidal TiO2 anatase nanoparticles as photocatalyst for removal of volatile organic compounds from indoor air
Applied Catalysis B Environmental, 2016

Fully Transparent Nanocomposite Coating with an Amorphous Alumina Matrix and Exceptional Wear and Scratch Resistance
Advanced Functional Materials, 2016

Flexible non-volatile optical memory thin-film transistor device with over 256 distinct levels based on an organic bicomponent blend
Nature Nanotechnology, 2016

A nanomesh scaffold for supramolecular nanowire optoelectronic devices
Nature Nanotechnology, 2016