UNG and local community aid

Date of publication: 28. 2. 2022
About the war in Ukraine
  • University of Nova Gorica invites scientists and students from Ukraine, seeking help in Slovenia, to contact us individually, and we will try our best to arrange for paid participation in our research and/or enrolment into our study programs. Please use the contacts provided under "Contact information for students and staff members”.

  • Concerning the situation in Ukraine we are in contact with Ukrainians from Nova Gorica, who are collecting things to help people in Ukraine. They will transport collected things by van to Ukraine on Friday 4.3. You are kindly invited to help by donating the following items: medicines, first aid kits, sterile gauze, physiological, whatever comes in handy for wound care, pills to treat temperature, pain killers, drug TRANEX, ampoules, syringes, disposable tourniquets, surgical adhesive plasters, BETADINE (iodine) sterile bandages, sterile dressings with foraging (or similar), tourniquets, homeostatic powders, hygiene items and means: socks, blankets, towels, mats or rugs to lay on the ground, night vision flashlights, thermal underwear, knee pads, open-fingered gloves, chargers, pads, diaper rash powder baby powder, soap, disinfectant, etc.., food in cans or foods which cannot expire, lamps, batteries. We will collect this material in Ajdovščina II. floor in the student’s experimental room up to this Friday on 4.3. If you can transfer money, then it is even better - rather send money that buy material. With that they can buy required medicine or other required material. The account for money transfer will be announced soon. Thank you and Best regards. Contact: egon.pavlica@ung.si