Postdoctoral researcher in the field of humanities (m/f)

Date of publication: 17. 12. 2021
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The University of Nova Gorica has a vacancy for the position of postdoctoral researcher in the field of humanities.

Deadline for applications: 5. 1. 2022

We are seeking candidates interested in working as postdoctoral researcher at the highly research-oriented University of Nova Gorica. The successful candidate will work at School of Humanities and at Research Centre for Humanities in a dynamic and interdisciplinary environment and including direct involvement in the international research arena.

The selected candidate will perform research, pedagogical and other work in one or more fields of digital humanities, new media, intermedia and research arts, contemporary art, recent cultural history, digital literature, etc.

Eligible candidates should: * hold a Ph.d., * have ability to work independently, * have good communication and organizational skills, project work skills, * have good orientation in the wider field of humanities and social sciences and the current discourse in relation to the above areas, * have good language (written and spoken) skills of academic and professional expression in English and Slovene, mastery of an appropriate set of digital tools and work environments.

The successful candidate will also assume teaching duties at the study programmes at School of Humanities.

The preferred starting date is 1. 2. 2022 or by agreement. Employment is offered for full-time working hours over a fixed term of 12 months.

The application should include: * CV including contact details and evidence of education, * list of scientific and professional bibliography, possible artistic achievements, * motivation letter with a description of previous work experience and achievements.

Applications with proof of fulfilment of conditions will be accepted up to 5. 1. 2022, via e-mail to
Applications should be sent as a single email attachment, in PDF format.



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