Research associate in the field of promoting development and use of ultra-fast light sources (m/f)

Date of publication: 7. 9. 2020
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The University of Nova Gorica has a vacancy for the position of research associate in the field of promoting development and use of ultra-fast light sources.
Deadline for applications: 28. 9. 2020

We are looking for a motivated candidate willing to develop his research line in the field of correlated magnetic materials and to assist external users during their experimental activity at at the Laboratory of Quantum Optics University of Nova Gorica. We offer the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment supported by state-of-the-art research equipment and with a strong involvement in international research contexts.
Research will take place at the Laboratory of Quantum Optics focus on the use of ultra-short light pulses for exploring the ultra-fast electron dynamics in a large variety of modern materials.  For that, use is made of a light source generating high-order harmonics (HHG) of a high-power infrared laser. Activities are also carried out at the laboratory Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy), where LKO’s group promotes and participates to several scientific projects, involving both the Elettra Synchrotron radiation facility and the free-electron laser (FEL) FERMI.

In this framework, we are looking for an experienced scientist, with proven skills in the development of ultra-fast light sources, such as HHG and FELs, and in their use for state-of-the-art experiments on different kind of matter samples, who will be in charge of promoting joint activities involving LKO and FERMI. This will include the development of: a) new optical schemes, aimed at enhancing the complementarity of the HHG and FEL sources; b) new research lines of common interest for the two laboratories and c) shared user programs.

Application requirements: * Ph.D. in nonlinear optics or in condensed matter physics, * proven ability to operate a HHG source and have some experience with one or more spectroscopic techniques allowing to investigate the properties of condensed matter, * a good command of English, * the ability to work as part of a team.

The following must be attached to the application: * a curriculum vitae with a description of work experience to date, * a list of the candidate’s scholarly and technical publications.
Employment is offered for 8 working hours per week over a fixed term of one year. The planned start date is immediately after completion of the selection procedure or by agreement.
We will accept applications in electronic form at the email address up to 28. 9. 2020. Applications should be sent as a single email attachment, in PDF format.

Contact information: * for research work: prof. dr. Giovanni De Ninno, * for the application procedure: Tea Stibilj Nemec,



Tea Stibilj Nemec
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