Partner Meeting within the International Project URBiNAT

Date of publication: 28. 3. 2023
Mestna občina Nova Gorica, Trg Edvarda Kardelja 1, Nova Gorica

Municipality of Nova Gorica and University of Nova Gorica invite you to Partner Meeting within the International Project URBiNAT, which will take place from 29th to 31st March 2023 in Nova Gorica.

Partner Meeting within the International Project URBiNAT

The URBiNAT project is based on innovative, participatory, and nature-based spatial planning with the aim of regenerating and connecting urban areas through the co-design of »healthy NBS corridors«. Using nature-based solutions (NBS), sustainable principles and participatory processes, it strives to regenerate urban neighbourhoods. The aim of the project is to co-design with local actors new »green public spaces« and co-create sustainable urban, social and natural connections with nearby residential communities.

In the Municipality of Nova Gorica, the area along the Koren Stream is treated as a pilot project and as a catalysing initiative for the establishment of new »cross border healthy corridors«

We kindly invite you to join us on our journey toward sustainable, inclusive and fair green urban regeneration!

The meeting will be held in the English language without translation.