Katarina Danjski, BSc student of Environment

Hello, my name is Katarina Danjski and I'm a 2nd-year student of Evironment at the School of Environmental Sciences, University of Nova Gorica. I was born in Banja Luka, where I've finished primary and secondary schools. I've always loved nature and everything the nature gives us, so after finishing secondary school I decided to move to Nova Gorica and fulfil my goals and wishes. I've learned Slovene very quicky, especially thanks to the free course of Slovene that I took as an elective subject in my 1st year of studies; in fact all international students can take it. My school is located at the Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava, which has a rich and centuries' long history. The university has modern research equipment, so we can gather precious experience in the laboratories. What I enjoy most is the frequent field work that we carry out all across Slovenia. At the school I've gained a lot of knowledge and practical experience in the field of environmental sciences.

Slovenia has wonderful nature and lots of greenery, which is carefully protected by its inhabitants. What concerns studying in Slovenia, I can only praise it! We, students, have many opportunities, the libraries are full of various books and study materials in different languages, in the restaurants all over Slovenia we can get student meals for low prices, and there are also numerous opportunities for student jobs, so each student can find something for himself/herself and earn something. I am truly satisfied with my studies in Slovenia, particularly at the University of Nova Gorica.

Katarina Danjski, student of the Bachelor's study programme Environment, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Nova Gorica

December 2023