Ana Karat, graduate of the MSc study programme Environment

I have to say that I am very satisfied with my BSc and MSc studies of Environment at the School of Environmental Sciences. There was a vast selection of diverse courses, the quality of lectures was high and the attitude of lecturers was also great. Besides giving lectures, the lecturers and their assistants always organised interesting laboratory practical sessions and field work for us. And these events in which we, students, participated will remain truly memorable experiences. I also adored the excursions, we actually visited places and organisations which we would otherwise never have visited on our own.
As I enjoyed my studies so much and I had extremely good experience with my mentors while preparing my BSc and MSc theses, I would definitely recommend studies of Environment to all candidates interested in topics related to environment and nature.

Ana Karat, MSc in Environment, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Nova Gorica

Link to Ana's MSc thesis: Okoljska ocena tveganja fungicida folpeta za talne ekosisteme (Environmental risk assessment of the fungicide folpet in terrestrial ecosystems)