What adjustments of study requirements am I entitled to as a student athlete?

The full description of the benefits awarded to students athletes, the adjustments, rights and obligations of the students athletes are fully described in the Rules for adjusting the study requirements to students athletes of the University of Nova Gorica.

In line with Article 7 of the Rules 7. the student applying for the status of a student athlete may be granted the following adjustments of the mode of study:

  • the deadline for completing the studies may be extended in line with the currently valid legislation in the field of education;
  • the requirements concerning participation in examinations and other academic activities necessary to proceed to the next year of studies are tailored to the needs of an individual athlete;
  • mandatory participation in lectures and other study activities is either not required or is reduced;
  • dates of examinations and other deadlines referring to the student’s assessment and other study requirements are adjusted or individually set;
  • the schedules of formal academic activities are tailored according to the student’s needs (changing groups for practical sessions, other tailored modes of meeting the requirements of practical sessions, adjustments of deadlines for submiting seminar papers etc.).

What other forms of support do I get as a student athlete?

UNG has recently increased its offer of distance-learning support, which is another advantage for students athletes who may be frequently absent during the academic year. The students can thus follow certain online lectures live via videoconferencing systems, or watch the recordings of lectures later, take advantage of virtual classrooms and the opportunities to perform certain study obligations online in a distant mode (selected examinations, presentations of seminars etc.). The lecturers are also available to students athletes for extra individual sessions.

We also recommend to students athletes to choose a tutor at their School, who will offer him/her advice during the course of studies.