The event will be photographed and/or recorded with the purpose of promoting the event and reporting about the event.

Purpose of personal data processing

The photographs and recordings of the event will be published on the website, bulletin boards and social media of the University of Nova Gorica, its e-newsletters, on web portals and media channels which might express an interest to report about the event, in publications and as part of other promotional activities of the university.

Personal data operator

University of Nova Gorica, Vipavska cesta 13, SI-5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Personal data retention period

The photographs and recordings will be stored permanently or until revocation by the University of Nova Gorica, Vipavska cesta 13, SI-5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Information on the existence of the rights of an individual

An individual who the personal data refers to has the right to claim the access to personal data, amendmends and deletion of personal data or the restrictions related to them or the right to object to the processing of data and the data portability. The claims of individuals are processed in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation.

In case of enforcement of rights and in case of questions please submit a written request to (, while the complaints must be addressed to Information Commissioner (address: Dunajska 22, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, e-mail address:, Tel. No.: +386 (0)12309730, website:

Applicable legislation

Personal data processing is performed in accordance with the valid national Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP) and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of the individuals in the personal data processing procedure and of the free flow of such data and of the repeal of the Directive 95/46/ES. The processing of the photographs and recordings made at the event will be carried out in accordance with the legislation of EU and of the Republic of Slovenia, is interpreted in accordance with it and falls exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts in Slovenia. This does not affect your legal rights.

Authorized data protection officer contact

The contact address of the authorized Data Protection Officer at the University of Nova Gorica is (

Notice: If individuals attending the events which are subject to photographing and recording do not wish their attendance to be documented in the form of photographing/recording, they can attend the events by disabling the camera and the option of displaying their personal data on the screen on their devices.