mag. Robertina Šebjanić

Organisational units:
School of Arts
05 3315 223
samozaposlena v kulturi

Robertina Šebjanič explores various media, such as video and ambient installations in her contemporary art practice. She has presented her work in solo and group shows, as well as taken part in international exhibitions and festivals; her video works have been shown in important international venues as parts of several video collections. She was a member of the editorial board of The Glossary of Slovenian Art After 1945 (Pojmovnik slovenske umetnosti po letu 1945). Since 2009 she has worked as part of the Ljudmila collective, the Ljubljana digital media lab.
She studied at the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts and at the Academy of Fine Arts, and Design, both in Ljubljana, and at the Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden. She lives and works in Ljubljana.