Arne Hodalić

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School of Arts
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Arne Hodalič started his photographic career some thirty years ago and social themes are most important part of his photojournalistic work. He travelled and took photos in more than 80 countries around the globe. He was a member and organizer of several expeditions; he crossed Papua New Guinea in a dug-out canoe on the Sepik river (1200 km), he crossed the Sudan desert from Khartoum to Egypt on the Nile river in a small boat and he was photographer and crew member for the L’Esprit de Bougainville expedition (two and half year’s sailing in South East Asia) and many more. He is also experienced cave diver, specialized in underwater photography. His photos and photo stories have appeared in National Geographic Magazine, Life (USA), Time, Figaro Magazine, Geo, Paris Match, Marie Claire and many more. He is currently the photo editor of National Geographic Magazine (Slovene edition) and lecturer in photography and photojournalism at Faculty of Social Sciences and VIST in Ljubljana.
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