Boštjan Perovšek

Organisational units:
School of Arts
05 3315 223
Univerza v Novi Gorici

Boštjan Perovšek musician, composer and soundscape artist, composes experimental, electro acoustic music. He specialises in creating bio-acoustic music based on the sounds of animals, especially insects. He plays on his own or with the band SAETA, which performs experimental music. He also creates music for film, theatre, performances and multimedia installations, as well as soundscapes for museums and galleries. He works also as sound engineer for film and video. He has published a number of CD’s, some as a solo artist, some with the band SAETA. His first vinyl LP entitled „Bio, Industrial Acoustica (green)“ reveals compositions from his bio-acoustics and urban noise opus.

One of the most important parts of his work is how to connect art and science. One of the result of such work was his composition “Stenice, mrož in vrata plešejo kolo / Bugs, a Walrus and the Door are Dancing in a Circle”put in the selection of the 10 compositions from Europe and United States, proposed by the Association of the European Radio Stations (EBU) for the period 1995-96, and performed within the programme “Radio Ars Acustica”.

His attention is also put in the field of “soundscapes for events”. That is why he works also in the field of entertainment as sound designer like soundscapes for casino, public places, museums, galleries. He got the honorary Valvasor Award for soundscapes in museums. Valvasor Award is the highest award for achievements in the field of museology. It has been conferred annually since 1998 by the Slovene Museum Society.

In the recent period he is the part of international art movement “Free Forms”. Participants use their virtuosity and open mindedness to facilitate a complex multi dimensional reality. He also organizes sound installations and sound safaris, on which he reveals the “hidden corners” of soundscapes to the participants.

He cooperate with scientists who works on the field of bio tremology. In august 2018 he was in Berlin working on new sounds and compositions also with colleagues in Studio of Tomas Saraceno. In November 2018 he had a big audio exhibition in Green house in Tivoli park Ljubljana on a 8 channel surround system. During the exhibition he had also a solo concert and gave a lecture about his work. In May 2019 he has a concert / “A sonic spider’web tour” in Studio Tomás Saraceno’s Pavillion 7 - The Spider/Web Oracle Readings Program (8th-11th May) as part of “May You Live In Interesting Times” in Biennale Arte, Venice 2019 curated by Ralph Rugoff. In May 2020 project “Whispering Bowls (Šepet vrčev)” was premiered on radio hr2-kultur, program The Artist’s Corner ( and the intermedia exhibition “Interweaving Soundscapes” at the Gallery for Sound, Bioacoustics and Art Steklenik, Ljubljana.

In 2019, the chapter “Bioacoustic Music Inspired by Biotremological Research” was published by Springer in the book “Biotremology: Studying Vibrational Behavior” (Matija Gogala, Boštjan Perovšek,