prof. Rajko Grlić

Organisational units:
School of Arts
05 3315 223
Univerza v Novi Gorici
Course principal:
  • 2 - Videofilm I, 1. year. year
    Bachelor's programme in Digital Arts and Practices
  • CM Film 1, 1. year. year
    Master's programme in Media Arts and Practices

The films of director and scriptwriter Rajko Grlić have been shown in cinemas across five continents, they have been included in the competition programmes of leading world festivals, including Cannes, and have received numerous international awards. He has realised eleven theatrical feature films (as director and scriptwriter) and worked on a further five feature films as scriptwriter and on five as producer. He wrote, directed, and produced How to Make Your Movie; An Interactive Film School, which was proclaimed the Best World Multi-media work in 1998. He is Eminent Professor in Film at Ohio University, USA, and Artistic Director of the Motovun Film Festival, Croatia.